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My way of painting allows me to follow the mysterious, the undescribable but also the frightening of the human existence, without banalizing it by rushing into understanding" all too hastily.       


Art in itself is an expression of hope, is the ultimate opposite to the deadly silence of despair.



Some Reviews

Gallery Terracina, Exeter
22nd September – 14th October 2007

RAYA HERZIG 'west to the moon – east of nowhere'

"At a glance these paintings show "Quality". They tell us instantly that they belong among the serious paintings of the last half century. They have that indefinable character of "rightness" about them - firmness of intention and mastery in execution. They are beautiful, skilful and original. As a psychologist I get a feeling of underlying solemnity - a glimpse of the artist's wide vision of humanity that is surely based upon her awful and extraordinary early life in Hitler's concentration camps. These paintings are tender and strong, restrained yet passionate, sad but reassuring. Exeter is privileged to be host to an artist of such pedigree. Thanks to the classy Terracina Gallery for putting on this exhibition.”
                                                                                                                                                  Dr Richard Ryder, psychologist and art writer, University of Exeter


Delicate and visionary, subtle and exquisitely executed philosophical allegories .... 

                                                                                      Helen de Borchgrave


NO ROSEGARDENS  -   Plymouth Art Centre Exhibition 1996  -  Catalogue
Raya Herzig paints the kind of pictures which appear after closing your eyes, ... residual images which are embedded in one's memory.
Raya's work teases us with dualities - the playful and humorous on one hand, against the suggestive and disturbing on the other. Her work does not remain static, nor is it part of a repeated formula. Raya has a personal mark on the canvas, but the figurative elements are in a constant state of flux. Her work grows, as her vision and memories emerge.

                                                                                                           Miranda Gardener


Images from the unconscious  -   SAM RICHARDS on the work of Raya Herzig

 The extensive show at Plymouth had a terrific sense of authenticity and integrity.
Raya Herzig uses all available inner worlds - anger, fear, tranquillity, humour – in a ceaseless and faithful search not for human nature but for human reality expressed through the extraordinary allegories which are her paintings.

                                                                                                            Sam Richards