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1972/73 Two consecutive scholarships from the City of Basle, Switzerland

1980 Painting selected as motif for UNICEF greeting card

1980 Commission to paint a mural for Felix-Platter Hospital, Basle, Switzerland

2002 First Prize for painting at POSK Gallery London GB (exhibition in Prague awarded)


Panorama Polska Nr.3, Warsaw 1981

POLAND, International cultural periodical Nr 3/81

Interpress Warsaw, Raya’s pictorial visions 1980

Almanach Polonii 1982 (Polish Almanach)

“Sterben und Tod” Picture-Documents by ROCOM F.Hoffmann-La Roche Basle 1980

“Krankenbeobachtung” Picture-Documents by ROCOM F.Hoffmann-La Roche Basle 1980

Femina (Vue des romands) Nr 17/82

Basler Zeitung Magazin Nr 13 March 1986, M.R.Becher: "Welt in Feuer"

Annabelle, Swiss Periodical Nr 11 November 1988
Irena Bresna: Photoreportage

Repertoire des artistes suisses 1980–90, Institut Suisse pour l’étude de l’art

“Swiss Artists in Britain” 1991 Catalogue

Arts Review, London, Volume XLIV September 1992,
Helen de Borchgrave

The South West, The Buzz, Sam Richards 1996 Schweizer Kunst – Art Suisse - Arte Svizzera - Art Svizzer 2/97 "Obsessions"