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Solo Exhibitions

1972 Galerie Mascotte, Basle, Switzerland
1972 Galerie Niggli, St.Gallen, Switzerland
1973 Galerie HILT, Basle, Switzerland
1974 Galerie ART, Basle, Switzerland
1975 Galerie HILT, Basle, Switzerland
1976 Galerie Runhof, Cologne, Germany
1977 POLISH MUSEUM, Rapperswil, Switzerland
1977 Galerie Tantra, Interlaken, Switzerland
1978 Galerie Anlikerkeller, Berne, Switzerland
1978 Galerie HILT Basle, Switzerland
1978 Galerie Jäggi, Basle, Switzerland
1980 Galerie Jäggi Basle, Switzerland
1980 Stara Kordegarda, Lazienki, Warsaw, Poland
1982 Galerie HILT, Basle, Switzerland
1986 Galerie Konrad, Basle, Switzerland
1988 Galerie Psych.Poliklinik, Basle, Switzerland
1990 Galerie Münsterberg, Basle, Switzerland
1992 Polish Cultural Institute, London
1994 Exeter Arts Centre, Exeter GB
1996 Plymouth Arts Centre, Plymouth GB
1996 Viewpoint Gallery, College of Art & Design, Plymouth GB
1999 St.Raphael Gallery, Piccadilly, London
1999 Ost-West Galerie, Basle, Switzerland
2000 St.Raphael Gallery, Piccadilly, London
2001 St.Raphael Gallery, Piccadilly, London
2005 Flavel Hall, Dartmouth, GB                                                                                                                        2007 Exeter Library, Exeter GB                                                                                                       2007 Terracina Gallery, Exeter GB                                                                                                              2007 POSK Gallery, London                                                                                                                        2008 Early Work, Terracina Gallery, Exeter                                                                      2009 ARTSPACES  Raya Herzig and David Shanahan, Totnes                                                           2010 Exeter Castle AFTERMATH  Raya Herzig and John McDermott


Group Exhibitions (Selection)

1971-90 Kunsthalle Basle, annual exhibitions, Basle, Switzerland
1973 Musée d’Athenée, Geneva, Switzerland
1975-78 Kunstmesse ART BASEL mit Galerie HILT, Basel
1980 Musée du Luxembourg, Salon UFPS, Paris, France
1987 East meets West, Grenzach, Germany
1990-92 Contemporary Swiss Art, Tokyo and Kyoto, Japan
1991-2005 Royal Academy of Arts, Summer Exhibitions, London
1992 October Gallery, “Swiss Artists in Britain”, London
1992 The Economist Gallery, London
1992 Centaur Gallery, London
1993 City Art Centre, Edinburgh, “Polish Roots - British Soil", together with 
        Josef Herman, Jankel Adler, Andrzej Jackowski, Franciska Themerson,  Adrian Wisniewski, Henry Kondracki, Stanislaw Frenkiel           
1994 Wrexham Library Arts Centre
1994 Centaur Gallery, London
1994 Exp’au MILAN, 3 Artists, La Roche, Gruyère, Switzerland
1995-2012   POSK Gallery, London
2001-2012   Millfield, Atkinson Gallery, Summer Exhibitions
2002 Galerie u Zlateho Kohouta, Prague
2003 Imaginative Art: London - Edinburgh - New York - Miami                                             2004 Women of Achievement. Theatre Royal, Plymouth, GB                                              2009 LEGACY (Witkiewicz) POSK Gallery London                                                       2010 CHOPIN POSK Gallery London                                                                                 2012 Wells Contemporary Art   WELLS and MENDIP MUSEUM                                          2012 APA at POSK  autumn exhibition                                                                              2012 The Lloyd Gill Gallery - Weston Super Mare - 8 Contemporary Artists